Wayne's Booth

Wayne's Booth
57th St. Art Fair, Chicago

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ann Arbor - South U Tornado Blues

Wayne set up on Church Street in the South University Art Fair area. This hip, trendy, student oriented area boasted a fine slate of artists - perhaps the best of the entire fair. The pictures above (from right to left - sorry!) document Goodtime Charlies - student mecca watering hole, the Denison Archway leading to the main campus area and the "diag" - a walkway which cuts diagonally across the original campus and is a main hang-out area. The weather was sultry and stickily hot. Set up was easily accomlished as this section of the art fair was particularly well organized and run by Maggie Ladd, but in fact there was no escape from it being hot and sweaty. We were fortnate to be living in A2 at the time, and returned to our comfortably air-conditioned home for showers and a brief relax before launching off for the party at the Pizza House.

The Pizza House not surprizingly offered a large buffet of assorted pizzas to the artists that evening. Drinks were over-priced but the food was free so hey, no complaining. Still in the postop period from a gum graft, no pizza for me as I was (and am still) on a 100% soft food diet. Although not recommended, this is one heck of a great diet plan as in 2 weeks I've lost about 8 pounds. Whatever. After Pizza House we slid over to Charlie's but the only interesting action there were the bartenders so we headed home early which was probably well-advised anyway.

Day One dawned sunny and bright, with a shimmer of full-summer humidity and heat in the air. I dropped Wayne off early and easily and returned home to convalesce as quietly as I could. Parking was going to be expensive, so returning to the fair later I elected to park a few blocks away at U of M's Luther House Cooperative - a student house where a young friend of ours is living. No problem, no hassle and only a short walk away. Wayne was making friends and making sales, and so the day was looking pretty darn good. After delivering his lunch and a coupla cold ones, I trotted off across the diag to look at what was being offered at "The Original" A2 Art Fair section just north of us.

Well, there was lots of stuff. A lot of art, some fine craft, a wee bit of crap. (Later on in the week, I toured the State Street, Liberty and Main Street areas which were more of a carnival than art fair.) Returning to South U., I found Wayne in good spirits and looking forward to the evening's premier musical performance by the MacPodz. It was a fine start to a fine fair. As usual, disaster was lurking just around the corner, but that's for the next post.

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