Wayne's Booth

Wayne's Booth
57th St. Art Fair, Chicago

Monday, August 2, 2010

A2 part 2

Day 3 A 2 began with the threat of thunderstorms, which escalated from there. Executing my wifely duties faithfully, I created the usual lunch for Wayne, and parked in the usual spot at Luther for what I thought would be a pleasant little stroll. Nope. Huge cloudburst! Luckily, I had what is now a permanent art fair accessory with me - an umbrella. I slipped off my sandals and ran oddly enough to the shelter of the apartment building where my daughter Cate lived during her junior year at U of M. When the worst had passed, I was able to travel the small distance remaining to the Wayne and deliver said lunch.

Patrons were still strolling about, mostly experienced art fair goers with their trusty umbrellas. Although they were scant, at least they were still trying. As the photos above illustrate, however, as the rain worsened the last customer was seen fleeing the scene - leaving only the dudes for company. The dudes abide. (Unfortunatley, they are still abiding at our place as they did not sell!)

Wayne had to abide as well, until a bit later in the afternoon a horrendous siren went off. Man, it was loud! Apparently that siren represented a tornado warning, and everyone closed up shop and went home. That was alright with Wayne as it had been a pretty bad day sales-wise and the third day of a four-day fair is pretty exhausting.

We have subsequently learned that the tornado siren is one of the A2 Art Fair legends, and you haven't really lived so to speak until you have had that experience.

Day four was a gas, as our friend Suzi LaFreniere came down to visit and strolled the entire fair with me. Yes, every single street and area. It took all day, but it was really fun. Our buddy Robert Ayotte helped out with the take-down and we cleaned up slightly and celebrated what had become an extremely successful fair for Wayne at Paisano, an excellent Italian restaurant in A2 which I had always wanted to try. Poor Suzi was so pooped out by the pilgrimage that she could not join us at Paisano. As such, Robert gallantly purchased a couple of really fine bottles of red wine, and we had a mini-party with her when we returned home.

Returning home home was actually the next order of business. On Sunday and Monday, Wayne and I packed our entire household. Tuesday we packed that into a 15-foot rental truck (thanks, El if you are reading this). Wednesday we drove the truck and car and trailer 8 hours back to the Upper Peninsula. Thursday we unpacked. Friday we set Wayne's booth up for Art On The Rocks (AOTR). It's now Monday and we are still wandering through bags and boxes, but we are here and off for 2 weeks. Description of AOTR coming soon, but for now I just need to take a break.

Impressions of the A2 fair (in no particular order):
South U. is definitely the place to be.
The art patrons are mostly discerning and not afraid to spend money.
It's just too big.
We hope to return next year.

Impressions of A2 in general:
If you have to live in a city, this is the one.
Wonderful friends, we will miss them greatly.
Can't wait to return for the Detroit Jazz Festival.

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