Wayne's Booth

Wayne's Booth
57th St. Art Fair, Chicago

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Art On The Rocks: a first First

Life the last week in A2 was kind of insane: recap is four days of art fair, followed by two days of packing up the house, one day packing a moving truck, one day driving to the UP, one day unpacking the moving truck and then setting up the next day for Art On The Rocks. Whew.

Saturday was cooler and damp with lovely cloud cover keeping the whole place at room temperature. It was a welcome break from the swelter of the city. Intrepid and experienced art fair attendees all had their mini-umbrellas at the ready, and the occasional rain did little to deter the faithful. Sales were slow-ish but OK, and the day was capped off with a lovely party at Patrick Dragon's place featuring his astonishing barbeque and fun,live music.

Sunday was hot, hot, hot. I came down mid-morning with a bathing suit and towel so Wayne could jump in the lake (which he did) and discovered he had been awarded First Place in the Mixed Media category. Way to go Wayne! It came with a modest award, which helped Wayne's spirits as sales had been non-existent to that point on Sunday. There were a few to be made in the afternoon, but by and large it was a small-ish event in comparison to A2.

Perhaps the most wonderful happening of the weekend came next. Take-down for the show was miserably hot and sticky. Not even the proximity to The Lake (Lake Superior) was a cooling factor. We had arranged earlier to meet Jeff and Sarah on their Nonesuch, which was anchored closeby at "Stinky Beach". Our timing was flawless as the were just finishing a late afternoon sail as we were putting the last of the stuff in the car and trailer. We sped home, dropped the trailer, and returned to the shore. We plunged into The Lake and climbed aboard the dinghy for a quick but exciting ride out to the boat. There we are in the picture above: relaxing on the Menzel's boat in the cool evening air, floating on the beautiful and crystal-clear Lake Superior. What an incomparable ending to a long, hot weekend.

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