Wayne's Booth

Wayne's Booth
57th St. Art Fair, Chicago

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Charlevoix For a Day

The one-day fair in Charlevoix was located right on Lake Charlevoix in a charming, terraced waterfront park. This was a small event, but well juried and had some outstanding exhibitors. Most of the attendees were very familiar with the event, and remarked upon the unique nature of Wayne's work as well as his first appearance at this fair.

The only downside was the schlepping. Man, it was crowded when we arrived. The park and fair are located on the main drag of Charlevoix, a two-lane "highway" a la Route 66. Since this slices right through the heart of the downtown section, traffic was slowed to a crawl in all directions. Parking for artists was limited to non-existent but being late, we managed to slide into a spot just as someone was sliding out.

Oh...did I mention we were late? HHmmmmmmm well there is a serious ninety-degree right hand turn that we failed to negotiate or even notice in Petosky that would have kept us on Route 31. As it was, we ended up on Route 131 and our nice little 4-hour ride down turned into a 5-hour frustration. We made it, after realizing things didn't look right and driving until we could find someone to ask what to do. As it stands, we got a look at Boyne City and just about everything there was to see in the entire county.

Hot and irritable, we did not relish the prospect of schlepping all our stuff, piece by piece, about 150 yards to the booth. Miraculously, the local High School Drama Club was on hand to help (for a small donation). They made quick work of our carrying needs, and promised to come back for take down after a $20 donation was offered. They did not come back, but by then it didn't really matter - we just hauled the darn trailer to within 10 yards or so and loaded it up like that.

We stayed in the most friendly 1950's style (and vintage) motel called Villa Moderne. Nope, the name does not fit but hey - the rooms were large with a little microwave, coffee pot and dorm-sized refrigerator, and the staff really friendly. They gave us an "artist discount". I'm not kidding! It was a great choice. We stayed on the end unit with the extraordinary pink/mirror wallpapered bathroom. You'd just have to see it. I hope to add photos when I'm not just getting ready to pack for another fair, but for now the description will have to suffice.

The fair itself was a reasonable success. In one day of sales, Wayne made more than his two-day combined total at Art On The Rocks. The town was cute, we had a lovely walk on Sunday, and enjoyed a leisurely drive back to the UP. Final fair in two days: Green Bay - home of the Packers. I'll be watching them in their pre-season game tonight and rooting for my favorite team!

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